Stock Market

How to Buy US Stocks from UAE?

Many of my friends have asked me this question in the past few months: How can I invest in US Stock Market from UAE or How Do I buy the US Stocks? I know why!! The US stock markets have peaked in the recent times. In this post you will learn ‘how to buy US […]

credit card dubai
Credit Cards

Credit Card isn’t your money!

Credit cards – what’s the fuss! I got my first credit card in the year 2004, the same year I started my first job. I did not know what they were but only knew that I could buy stuff with them. I did not do any effort to learn about them or how to use […]

online car selling sites dubai
Personal Finance

Top sites to sell your car online in Dubai!

Sell your car online easily! There comes a time in your life when it is time to sell your car! The car you loved the most! But it is now time to look for a new option, a better car. If you were to ask me this question 5 years back, I would recommend that […]

islamic finance terms
Personal Finance

Islamic Finance and Top Islamic Finance terms!

What is Islamic Finance? Islamic Finance has been gaining prominence around the world specifically in Malaysia and GCC countries in the recent years. Although Islamic Finance in as old as Islam itself, it has gained popularity in the recent decades. Islamic serves the same purpose as that of conventional banking but the methodology or the […]

Personal Finance

How to avoid financial stress?

TIPS TO AVOID FINANCIAL STRESS! Financial stress can adversely affect a person’s psychological state. Surveys have shown that financial stress is among the root causes of decreased performance at work and a steady decline in physical and mental well-being. The sources of financial stress are varied. In UAE, one of main causes is worry about […]

how to budget
Personal Finance

Budgeting! Holy grail of personal finance!?

Is budgeting worth it? If you’re looking for a solution to your debt problems, the most important thing is to find the right solution. Some debt solutions are suitable for big debts; others for small debts. (And ‘big’ and ‘small’ mean different things for different people, depending on their overall financial situation.) When I am […]