List of Top Crypto Exchanges in UAE (2021)

Bitcoin has reached all time highs in the recent past:

There is an increased interest in crypto assets from general population. Bitcoin and other crypto assets have increased in value significantly in the recent past. And you may have following top questions:

  • Is crypto trading legal in UAE?
  • How can I trade Cryptocurrency in UAE?
  • What are the best or top Crypto exchanges in UAE?

In this post, I will write about the top crypto currency exchanges where you can trade and buy bitcoin and other crypto currencies in UAE!

I am writing this out of my own experience on buying and selling bitcoin on these cryptocurrency exchanges.

There is no ban on trading crypto currencies in UAE. Hence, we consider it legal to trade cryptocurrencies. UAE and Bahrain are at the forefront of innovation in the crypto sector and are actively encouraging entrepreneurship in this sector. UAE regulates cryptocurrency exchanges through ADGM (Abu Dhabi General Markets) and Bahrain regulates cryptocurrency exchanges through Central Bank of Bahrain.

Here is the list of top Crypto Exchanges in UAE:

You can use the following crypto exchanges to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

NameCryptocurrency Exchange Link
BitOasisBitOasisOpens in a new tab.
BinanceBinanceOpens in a new tab.
CEX.ioCEXOpens in a new tab.
CoinmamaCoinmamaOpens in a new tab.
eToroeToroOpens in a new tab.
KrakenKrakenOpens in a new tab.
LocalbitcoinsLocal BitcoinsOpens in a new tab.
RainRainOpens in a new tab.

BitOasis Crypto ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

BitOasis is a popular and one of the oldest bitcoin and crypto exchanges in the Middle East. You can buy bitcoin via bank transfer or cash deposit in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. UAE clients may also deposit funds via exchange houses.

Good Things about BitOasis

  • One of the easy ways to buy bitcoin in the countries it services
  • Multi-sig security measures
  • Low 0.5% flat fee on all orders
  • Verification not required for amounts below $500 per week

Not So Good Things about BitOasis

  • Above $500 per week limit, not private since identity verification is required.
UAE Bitoasis digital asset exchange launches Android application | Unlock  Blockchain

Buy bitcoin through BitoasisOpens in a new tab.

Binance Crypto ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

Binance is the one of world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. They are the leaders due to their coverage and availability of crypto assets on their platform and also for their technology which is easy to use.

Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Binance

Buy cryptos on BinanceOpens in a new tab.

CEX Cryptocurrency ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

CEX is an old and leading crypto exchange where you can trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are known for their ease of use and user friendly processes.

BuyBitcoinFiveMinuteOpens in a new tab.

Coinmama Crypto ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

Coinmama is a popular crypto exchange and provides easy way for users to acquire bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Opens in a new tab.

eToro Crypto ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

eToro has been pushing strongly with their marketing on crypto currency trades, buying and selling. They are known for their fast and easy interface for users.

eToro Signals Commitment to Growth With Acquisition of Delta

Buy crypto with eToroOpens in a new tab.

Kraken Crypto ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

My first purchase of crypto currency was through Kraken in the year 2014. I use them to date and they have improved so much in the user interface and features.

Buy bitcoin and crypto with KrakenOpens in a new tab.

Localbitcoins bitcoin exchange

Localbitcoins is very popular way to buy crypto peer to peer. In my experience, this is a good platform but depends on the users. Hence, it is utmost important that you deal with users who are rated 99% and above to be safe. Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins -  LocalBitcoins

Buy or sell bitcoin on LocalbitcoinsOpens in a new tab.

Rain Crypto ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

Rain is one of the newest crypto exchanges serving the Middle East market. They are located in Bahrain and serve: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Bahrain's Rain closes $2.5 million seed round, becomes first licensed  cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East

Buy and sell Crypto on Rain Crypto ExchangeOpens in a new tab.

Which exchange is best for Cryptocurrency?

I have dealt with all of the above cryptocurrency exchanges in the past and will continue to deal. My criteria for judging which is the better cryptocurrency exchange is follows:

  • Ease of use
  • Required documentation and KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Buying, selling, trading fees
  • Regulated = YES

Which is the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange?

In my experience, Binance and Kraken are the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange when it comes to fees. However, you must also pay attention to the exchange rates that are applied when you transfer from AED, SAR to USD, EUR.

Is CoinbaseOpens in a new tab. crypto exchange available in UAE or the Middle East?

Coinbase is perhaps the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Unfortunately, for UAE and Middle East users, Coinbase is still not available to buy and trade. However, Coinbase provides wallet services that you can utilize.

Please note crypto currencies are highly volatile assets and you may lose your capital. Be prudent with your investment. This post is only for information purposes and not a financial advice to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Have you ever dealt with any of the above cryptocurrency exchanges? What has been your experience? Let me know your recommended cryptocurrency exchange.


Deepak is a writer and risk management professional. He is also a bitcoin enthusiast. He is passionate about helping others create lasting wealth!

  • thanks! Good round of info, however would have prefered a table showing maker and taker fees, Fiat transfer fees and also weekly limits and time taken to withdraw/deposit

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