Why Dirham Talk?

I started working at the age of 19. Before that, when I was much younger (ten year old), I helped my grandfather with his textile business and my dad with his transport business. Working with these entrepreneurs instilled the quality of entrepreneurship within me.

Coming back to my work……

I started off as an employee at a bank in India. Moved to Dubai and worked at a bank here. Like many of us feel, the salary was never enough. I believe it’s the basic human thinking. When you move to the next level of life, you always look to move to the next level. You know what I mean!

Initially, I requested my managers to raise my salary. Well, that did not happen. I eventually realized that requesting for a raise would not solve.

What else should I do?

I realized that raising your income is not your employer’s priority. It’s YOURS!

So, I set out to see how I could increase my income!

I soon realised that there is basically one way to increase your income:


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Prudent investing will change your life and provide you the financial independence that you always desire.

There are various avenues you can invest:

  • real estate
  • fixed deposit
  • stock market
  • mutual funds
  • crypto-currency
  • pension schemes
  • fixed income
  • business
  • and many more.

In addition to ‘investing’, Budgeting, Saving will help you indirectly increase your disposable income.

With dirhamtalk.com, you can learn about my simple saving habits, my effective budgeting secrets, my efficient investing strategies. I write about what I have practically done. This means, nothing in this blog will be hypothetical. Everything is tried and tested. This does not mean, what worked for me will work for you. You must consult a financial advisor for your investment needs.

I have always been passionate about Financial Independence, Investing Money, Saving Money. My passion has led me to read several books and experiment with various investment and savings strategies. Everyone has right to financial literacy. Dirham Talk is one such experiment from me to teach you what I have learnt.

Here is what you’ll learn with Dirham Talk:


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