About Deepak


I am Deepak. 

I have been a bitcoin enthusiast since 2014 and I am passionate about personal finance. I have been a blogger since 2011. I like to learn about new technologies, ideas and have a passion to teach them to others.

This is me———->

What this blog is?

#This blog is a place for my thoughts and experiences. In this blog, I cover what I have learnt in my journey of optimizing my money and investments. It’s a story. It’s a journey. Time to time, I share tips and strategies on optimizing personal finance that have worked for me. 

What this blog is not?

#This blog is not financial advice or investment advice. These strategies have worked for me and may not work for you. If you are looking for personal finance advice, you must contact a certified finance professional.

Under this blog, I will cover the following categories:

  • Personal Finance – credit cards, retirement, save money.
  • bitcoin – the revolutionary form of money and store of value.

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Press coverage:

My thoughts on personal finance, bitcoin have been published in the leading magazines, newspapers, and blogs around the world.

Here are few mentions:

Khaleej Times in UAE

KT: Link 1

KT – Link 2:

Khaleej Times: Can bitcoin crash to zero?

Gulfnews: Link 1

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Albawba.com: Link

The National: Link 


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